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URANIA BLUE (recommended by Iveco)

PETRONAS Urania is developed for outstanding diesel engine performance. It is formulated with advanced additive technology for total engine protection, enhanced efficiency and performance. The PETRONAS Urania premium range is an environmentally-friendly lubricant for on and off-highway heavy-duty applications, developed for Low-Ash technology compatible with modern emissions control devices such as Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) and Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF).


PETRONAS Tutela range of hydraulic, grease, axle, gear and automatic transmission fluids are developed to deliver optimum value to your operations through enhanced efficiency, maximum protection and smooth operations.


PETRONAS Paraflu is an anti-freeze/coolant developed to offer ideal protection for cooling systems in cars, light and heavy commercial vehicles, tractors and earth-moving machinery, by ensuring optimal removal of heat from the engine. PETRONAS Paraflu provides maximum protection against freezing, boiling, corrosion and lime-scale formation.


PETRONAS DURANCE CAR CARE – Products for cleaning internal and external of the car.


PETRONAS Akros serves as a specialised lubricant for the agriculture and construction sector that requires high performance lubricants and functional fluids. It is designed for machineries with new technologies and sophisticated components operating in extremely severe operating conditions. It also meets international emissions standards.


PETRONAS Syntium with “CoolTech” is a unique formulation designed to defend against excessive engine heat for optimum engine performance. By fighting excessive heat build-up deep inside the engine, PETRONAS Syntium with CoolTech™ delivers optimum engine performance for a trouble-free drive.  


PETRONAS Selenia product range is developed in close partnership with FIAT in the automotive business. It offers guaranteed exceptional and reliable performance that meets the emission regulation requirements.


The Ambra range has been developed by PETRONAS in collaboration with CNH with the most advanced technologies available for all New Holland agricultural machineries and construction equipments. With stringent field and laboratory tests, Ambra serves as the most effective solution for these types of machinery and equipment. The Ambra range is distributed exclusively by the New Holland network.


PETRONAS Urania with ViscGuard™ is a range of high quality engine oils formulated to effectively guard against engine deposits build-up and maintain optimal oil viscosity for longer engine life.


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