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TRAKKER are with two axes, three axes, four axes, with power from 310kf to 500kf, made for difficult tough terrains, Euro 6 resistant, with 9-13 liters 6 pistons.
Designed for great performance, low running costs and traveling comfort.

Trakker two Axes

Trakker Two Axes. Cab & Chassis weighs 19 tons.
Power 310-450Kf. Displacement 6-12.8 liters.

Trakker Two Axes. Tractor weights weighing up to 40 tons.
Engine power 360-500Kf. Displacement 6-12.80 liters.

Trakker three Axes

Trakker three axes. Cab & Chassis weighs 26-38 ton.
Power 330-500Kf. Displacement 6-12.8 liters.

Three-axle trakker. Tractor weight weights up to 44-72 tons.
Engine Power 410-500Kf. Displacement 6-12,80 liters.

Trakker four Axes

Trakker Four Axes. Cab & Chassis weight 34-41 ton.
Power 360-450Kf. Displacement 6-12.8 liters.