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EUROCARGO small trucks are more commonly used. The models range from ML60E to ML190EL, providing different tonnage to the perfect fit for different combinations of different functions, with a motor power of 140KF to 300KF, providing excellent performance in all his parameters.


The truck the city likes

​Even more stylish, eco-sustainable, safer, more comfortable, more efficient and more manoeuvrable. Cities love the new Eurocargo: the truck which respects people and the environment in which it works.


No road – No problem

When you need a medium duty truck with serious off-road ability, it’s difficult to go past the Eurocargo 4×4. A favourite for emergency service work in Europe and increasingly in Australia, the Eurocargo 4×4 is capable of handling the toughest jobs over the most challenging terrain with surprising agility for a vehicle of its size and load capacity (15 tonnes GVM).