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​New​ Eurocargo: the truck the city likes  

IVECO’s Eurocargo is the perfect match for all urban missions thanks to its unparalleled features that optimise efficiency, manoeuvrability and eco-sustainability.

​​While design, functionality and safety features of the Eurocargo have evolved, its essentials remain the same, reflecting the rapidly growing requirements of urban missions where reliability, comfort, cost and versatility are key performance drivers.

Modern yet practical, the Eurocargo has been developed following an in-depth study into aerodynamics further enhancing the vehicle’s energetic character, perfect for door-to-door deliveries, missions across town and city centre jobs.​​

The low-speed environments and frequent stop-start nature of municipal operations is ideally suited to IVECO’s signature HI-SCR technology, designed to optimise engine efficiency, guaranteeing non-stop performance.

Chosen by half a million customers in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Australia and Latin America, the Eurocargo features more storage compartments than ever before, fully equipped to be an office on the move thanks to its two USB connectors ideal for charging laptops and tablets.​

The IVECO Eurocargo is available in three different cab options:

Day cab: Best suited for daily work in major cities

Sleeper cab: Designed to provide overnight accommodation, equipped with one or two bunks

Crew cab: Transports the whole crew for up to six passengers, well suited for construction and fire prevention services. Iveco is used for police and military missions.


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