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Bolv-Oil is one of the biggest oil companies in Albania which owns 35-40% of the market. It was founded on January 2003 by Mr.Behar Cukaj, the single shareholder. It was founded as a result of a successful economic activity that Mr. Behar had since 1992 with Olsi sh.p.k, which is a company who trades oil and gas in low quantities through over 40 gas stations all over Albania.

On November 2011 it became 100% owner of Porto Romano Durres, which has a capacity of 20.000 m3 and expanding.

Another very important section of Bolv-Oil is the transport of crude oil extracted from Albanian soil by Canadian company Bankers Petroleum Albania Ltd. It gets realized through his own fleet of 120 trucks which transports 75.000 tons of crude oil per month. It also owns a few oil wells itself.


Autostrada Tirane – Durres km 9
+355 69 70 64 400

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